The Phoenix City Council meeting on Wednesday night was contentious on multiple levels. The council had two controversial issues on the docket — the expansion of the light rail into the West Valley and the approval of zoning for a high-rise in midtown Phoenix.
City Council Votes To Delay Light Rail Line For West Phoenix
Phoenix Sgt. Tommy Thompson says Officer Paul Rutherford was struck while on the roadway and died after being transported to a hospital in extremely critical condition. Rutherford had been an officer for nearly 23 years.


Waymo Announces Facility In Mesa
Now two years into the self driving car program, Waymo is opening a second service facility in Mesa that is expected to create hundreds of jobs. Mesa Mayor John Giles says he expects the company to bring innovation and ... "a large facility that’s going to have a lot of high quality jobs in our community.”
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Ford Plant In Hermosillo, Sonora, To Build Utility Van
The Ford Motor company recently confirmed plans to build a utility van in the state of Sonora. The company announced that it will begin building the Transit Connect — a commercial and passenger van —in Hermosillo by 2021. It is currently built in Valencia, Spain.
9th Circuit Denies Asylum Appeal By Police Officer From Sonora
A former Mexican police officer is almost out of ways to avoid deportation after the Ninth Circuit Court denied the appeal of his asylum case Wednesday. Jose Jesus Duran-Rodriguez was a police officer in Villa Hidalgo, Sonora.
Sounds Of The City: Escaping The Daily Grind At The Skate Park
Listen to the sounds of Ben Duffy skateboarding at The Wedge skate park in Scottsdale. If you have suggestions or hear things that make Phoenix, Phoenix, send us a note at
Torch Passed To Second Generation Of Arizona Holocaust Survivors
As the population of World War II Holocaust survivors dwindles, the torch is being passed to the next generation to tell their stories. A group is trying to keep their memories alive.

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About 14,000 U.S. troops are in Afghanistan. U.S. representatives have been negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban and President Trump has said he wants to cut down the U.S. presence there.
European Union leaders gave the country two different deadlines, depending on whether U.K. lawmakers can agree on a path forward. One deadline is in two months; the other in two weeks.
The Trump administration wants to increase transparency in prescription drug pricing. But health economists say the administration's call to tie prices to what other nations pay might work better.
Rep. Abigail Spanberger's bipartisan credentials were a central issue for voters at a recent town hall. The freshman lawmaker beat a Republican incumbent in an ideologically diverse Virginia district.
The information was held in a readable format within the company's internal data storage systems. Facebook says it "found no evidence to date" of abuse.