Tourists heading south might run into a confusing scene at toll booths in Sonora, Mexico. Protesters have taken over the toll booths because they say they’re unconstitutional.
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Tempe Police Officer In Fatal Shooting Of Teen Resigns
The Tempe police officer who shot and killed 14-year-old Antonio Arce in January has resigned.
How Big Agribusiness Could Be Hurting Farming
You've probably heard it said that our food supply has to “feed the world.” But, one expert says that phrase has been hijacked.
BrightEdge Takes Venture Capital Approach To Cancer Treatment
The quest to cure cancer might sound lofty, but plenty of researchers, scientists advocates and investors are chipping away it all the time. Now, the American Cancer Society is launching a new approach with BrightEdge, a philanthropic impact fund.
Court Orders BLM To Reconsider How Chaco Drilling Permits Impact Environment
A federal appeals court has ruled the Bureau of Land Management needs to reconsider how drilling permits could impact natural resources in the area around Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northwestern New Mexico.
#RedForEd Sends Teachers To Capitol As Budget Deal Nears
As legislators work to hammer out a budget deal this week, they’ll be greeted by #RedforEd teachers mobilizing to call for more education funding.

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Ransomware Cyberattacks Knock Baltimore's City Services Offline
Baltimore is just the latest municipality hit with a ransomware attack. Residents can't use the city servers they need to purchase homes, pay online bills or email city workers.
2-Tiered Wages Under Fire: Workers Challenge Unequal Pay For Equal Work
For years after the Great Recession, employers were reluctant to boost wages. Now a tight labor market is giving workers the leverage they need to demand a larger slice of the nation's economic pie.
To Safely Study Volcanoes, Scientists Bring The Blast To Them
Studying active volcanoes can be dangerous. Which is why a group of scientists from around the world came together to simulate volcanic blasts. What they're learning will help them at a real eruption.
Poll: Many Rural Americans Struggle With Financial Insecurity, Access To Health Care
A new poll from NPR, Harvard and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gives a glimpse into rural life in America today, finding that many people living in rural communities live on the edge financially.
6 Themes To Pay Attention To In Upcoming Supreme Court Decisions
From the Census citizenship question and political gerrymandering to the separation of church and state, the high court will make some rulings of consequence over the next month.